Green Detox – Superfood Drink Mix – Sugar Free, Vegan-Friendly – Over a Dozen Superfoods in Each Serving – Apple Pie Flavor,,,,,,,,
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Green Detox is the #1 best-tasting superfood detox drink available. Containing over 13 key superfoods, the Green Detox formula is designed to help fully detox the body, support a healthy metabolism, improve mental clarity, naturally boost energy levels, and help burn off unwanted body fat. Green Detox is the daily nutritional insurance you need in just 20 seconds a day! Overcome nutrient deficiencies, combat strong cravings, or give your immune system an additional boost by supplying your body with a daily high concentration of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help your body get one step closer to your optimum level of health and vitality.Systems Suffering from everyday minor stress or weight issues? Easily restore the balance by supplying your body with a daily dose of antioxidants. *Achieve Optimum Long-Term Results With each daily high concentration hit of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body will be one step closer to your optimum level of health and vitality.Full Body Detox – Studies have shown that certain nutrients such as antioxidants may support the flushing out of these toxins.
Daily Energy Boost – Naturally occurring phytonutrients, chlorophyll and enzymes can help boost energy, stamina, mineral replenishment.
Metabolism Support – B Vitamins can help the body metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
Stress Reduction – The full spectrum supply of superfood nutrients supports hormones and vital organs within the body for maximum efficiency, and less stress.
Immunity + Aging Protection – Antioxidant support has been shown to accommodate healthy aging and immune functions.