Houseables Boba Straws, Smoothie Straw, Extra Wide & Fat, 100 Pack, 10.5 Inch Long, 0.5″ Diameter, Large Jumbo Neon, Multicolored, Polypropylene Plastic, BPA Free, Reuseable for Milkshakes, Tea,,,,,,,,
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People choose straws for many reasons, we’re sure

Straws are a simple instrument that serves a simple purpose: A thin hollow tube (usually plastic) used for transferring liquid from a container to the mouth. Some studies have shown that straw use to be beneficial with preventing teeth staining and erosion; while also decreasing bacteria and germ exposure when consuming beverages from cups and glasses at restaurants and other public areas.

Straws also come in handy by decreasing those unpleasant situations where you raise an ice-filled cup of something to your mouth, only to have that ice shift so both that ice and the something else hits you in the face.

But ordinary rigid straws are flawed and generally only work with smaller sized cups. Beyond 20 oz. or so, the base of the straw fails to sit at the bottom of the cup, so you end up having to drink with the rim to your mouth. Which is fine, we guess, but that defeats the entire purpose of choosing a straw to begin with.

EXTRA LONG, EXTRA WIDE JUMBO STRAWS: Extra wide, extra-long plastic party straws – in neon multicolored sets of 100. These straws make drinking milkshakes and other delicious frozen beverages easier and a little more interesting. The BPA-free polypropylene plastic material these straws are made from is food and beverage safe for everyone. Adequately sized for 24 and 32 oz. large cups.
GREAT FOR TRAVEL CUPS: Each straw measures 10 ½” in length. This long length and wide mouth (.5″ diameter) make our straws perfect for milkshakes, smoothies, iced coffees, boba drinks, and other to-go beverages at convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, or home. Plenty of height means the base always reaches the bottom of your cup, with plenty of straw above the cup’s rim.
MULTIPLE NEON COLORS: The lively neon color assortment in each set is sure to be a hit at parties for kids and adults young at heart. Bright, retro neon shades of pink, yellow, green, and orange are included. Our straw’s neon color palette coordinates excellently with other fun colorful party supplies and tableware.
REWASH AND REUSE: These straws are sized extra long so that plenty is left over the rim of your drinking glass. They can easily be rewashed and reused. Excellent alternative for restaurateurs looking to supply their drink stations with straws that offer more “pop” compared to ordinary transparent plastic straws – without the annoying discarded straw wrappers left on the floor afterwards.
NOW YOU’RE RE-TEA: Now you are ready for some yummy Boba, or whatever delicious drink needs a little pop of color. Just insert, slurp, and enjoy!