SZ-Climax Waist Trimmer Compression Belt, Body Shaper Trainer Waistline Slimmer,Stomach Wrap Abdominal Muscle Trainer for Weight Loss,Body Shape,Sweet Enhance and Back Waist Support DD2-B105,,,,,
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sz-Climax Waist Trainer — New Year To Shape A New You !
Suffering lower back pain ? Muscles and arthritis getting more stiff and sore and longer recovery ? Poor posture ? Engage in a great deal of physical activities at work or at home ? Lift and move heavy objects? Spend long hours sitting with limited movement ?
New Year 2018, It is time to SHAPE A NEW YOU. Starting from sz-Climax Waist Trainer !

Perfect for people of all ages and uni-sex for all kinds of actives

Whether you’re an elite athlete,weekend warrior,or simply an active parent or grandparent, sz-Climax Lumbar support prove optimal articulation and muscle support for your natural movements and everyday activities such as gardening, cleaning ,exercise,golf, fishing,heavy Lifting,office worker,heavy manual laborers,sport,fitness,daily Wear

Effectively and Naturally Features Work

sz-Climax waist brace supports stiff and sore muscles and joints while still allowing you to retain your range of motion! It is easily adjustable and comfortable fit without deforming the contour of your body to give stability and support while still allowing your muscles to move,work, and strengthen.It works as:

– Waist trimmer for weight loss and Waist Slimmer:
Heat up your core abdominal area making you sweat more; Intensify your workout and maximize your calorie and fat burn

– Lumbar support belt for lower back pain relief & treatment:
Relieve Lower Back Pain caused by Sciatica,Scoliosis,Herniated Disc,Degenerative Disc Disease, Strains & Sprains ,Osteoporosis, Loose Ligaments , Nerve Injuries ,Muscle Spasm

– Posture Corrector & Body Shape: Give additional support to improve your posture

Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee! Feel free to return within one month of purchasingDouble Layer & Double Pull – Custom Fit & Adjustable Compression and No Roll Up:(1)The inner elastic wrap provides the best possible compression,heat retention and comfort,(2) whilst the outer unique criss-cross elastic strength strap is effective in removing excess gap between the belt and body to enhance stability,keep it in shape,no ride up,(3) And the special double pull mechanism design give you the extra shield of stability and support than the others with One-handed full adjustable strap
Detachable Steel Spring Stays — Firm but not stiff, Flexible and Comfortable : (1) Different from the other braces with plastic stays (no enough supports ) or steel stays ( too stiff ). The Steel Spring stays makes the brace flexible and comfortable to allow natural movement while giving additional support to the back to improve posture to aid treatment of back problems, (2) The Stays can be taken off when wash it
Humanized Curved Side Design & Well Construction: (1) Curved Side Design to provide the best comfort and less pressure in the abdominal areas and helps minimize slipping and bunching with width at the back which is wide enough to support your lower back but appropriate width at the front to allow for movement such as bending and sitting. (2) Perfect Edge Covering Craft works — Double curved Knit Reinforced Stitch, more sturdy and well built than one line needle Stitching
Premium Material — Breathable & No Odor: (1) Not like other braces with 100% polyester, take both the advantage of Nylon and polyester ( 70% Nylon + 30% polyester), sturdy but flexible, soft and comfortable, (2) TPU Logo Plate, 5-6 times longer lifetime than the common ones with PVC,Excellent performance of bouncing, abrasion resistant and Anti-scratch; Eco-friendly & No odor , (3) High Quality Injection Hook — 5-8 times longer lifetime than normal velcro
Perfect for People of All Ages and Uni-sex for All Kinds of Actives: Designed for athletes, weightlifters and waist pain sufferer – Suitable for Everyday Activities such as gardening, cleaning ,exercise ,golf, fishing, heavy Lifting ,office worker, bus drivers and chauffeurs,heavy manual laborers, sport, fitness, daily Wear — Effectively and Naturally relieve Lower Back Pain caused by Sciatica,Scoliosis,Herniated Disc, Degenerative Disc Disease, Strains & Sprains ,Osteoporosis, Loose Ligaments